Sleep in a Tinywagon.

Sleep in a Tinywagon on the beach or in a park.


Great view!

Choose a double or bunk bed


make friends

make friends in midfield!


Sleep well.

Sleep in a cosy wagon

“We have created nice places to stay overnight in Almere and Ermelo. We have converted small carts into nice places to stay overnight.

We call these Tiny Wagons and they are a small cozy place to sleep, with 2 beds with mattresses and pillows.

Our Tiny Wagons are even winter-proof and equipped with heating. Within walking distance there is a communal kitchen and toilet and luxury shower facility.”

Huub Kortlevers  Tiny Wagons

Our Tiny Wagons
Sail-Today Almere

Sail-Today organizes sailing, surfing and other water sports events at the Almere Strand all year round. There are hot showers and changing rooms here in the main building!

Surf beach Ermelo.

within walking distance you can enjoy the beach on the Veluwemeer in Ermelo. There are also several dining options here.

Snack & a drink
In the pavilion you can enjoy a snack and a drink on the lovely terrace with lounge sofas and bean bags.
Almere Stand activities
Almere Strand offers space for various activities, from windsurfing, sailing, water sports lessons to long walks on the beach. Immediately enjoy the sun, sea & beach with your own Tiny Wagon!
 “De ligging van de Tinywagens zijn perfect! Wakker worden aan het water en smiddags direct aan de slag met een zeilles. S’avonds nog lekker met vrienden na kletsen in de buitenlucht!  “

Ella  Beginnend zeiler

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Sleeping places
Our Tinwagons have 2  beds. The beds have mattresses and pillows.

Due to the location, our Tinywagons have a great view Waking up with a beautiful view!


Our Tiny Wagons are even winter-proof and equipped with heating. Making a cup of coffee or tea is also possible as standard. Other facilities can be found nearby.

2 or 3 beds
Marina Zuiderzand Almere
Water sports or relax!
Your own terrace!

Tinywagon – a night to remember

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